Are You Ready To Accept Mobile Wallet Payments?

Now a days mobile wallets have become very popular as it offers additional choices, accommodation and speed at checkout..

Customer have great checkout experience using mobile wallet.They feel happy because it saves their time and they no longer have to find their wallet for payment purpose and search for the correct cards. CardReads payment terminals accept mobile wallet, debit cards, gift cards, EMV chip cards and checks.We are always here to help you to find out the best payment solution everyday.

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Mobile Wallets for Consumers

Today, smart phones are equipped with NFC(Near Field Communication) antennae to empower clients to make secure buys utilizing their cell phones instead of plastic visa card while checking out.

while making a purchase from the mobile wallet, the customer has to put their phones near the NFC credit card machine to finish the transaction by scanning the default credit card that is stored in their mobile wallet.

The customer at that point gets a notification about the successful transaction on their mobile phones. It’s that simple.

Mobile Wallet Purchases

Instead of choosing payment in their credit card for in-app buys, customer would now be able to choose their mobile wallet payment methods.The majority of our terminals empower checkout through mobile wallet arrangements.We are always here today and everyday to help you about how you can empower your business to accept this strong emerging payment style.

Accepting Mobile Wallet Transactions

Initially,You must have NFC-enabled credit card reader if you want to accept the mobile wallet transaction in the store.The first step you may need to update your device or update complete software to accept the transactions.Search for the NFC symbol on your terminal to check whether you are NFC capable or get in touch with us and call us.

Mobile Wallet Security

Security features are upgraded for you and your clients.Card number are replaced by the device account number for the security purpose so that the cardholder name, card security code and credit card number are not seen by anyone, which includes an additional layer of protection.

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Who we are and what we do

We give benefits beyond your expectation, with the only goal to develop your business with one of the best payment solutions.

We are a main trader payment processing organization that helps organizations from a large scope of industries with one of a kind payment handling needs.

While many payment processors just discuss about saving your cash, we adopt an  alternate strategy  and concentrate on developing your business and creating long-lasting relations.

We trust a merchant account shouldn’t be complicated, consuming lot of time, or loaded up with concealed fees, and we attempt to:

  • give whole transparency to our group, partner and customers
  • continuously make the best decision to improve our industry

You will get a record of all the services and solutions to simplify your payment processing when you choose to join our team and saves the money as well as time.

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    Discover why thousands of businesses trust CardReads

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