EMV & NFC Terminal Placement Program

Introducing our "Future-Proof" EMV & NFC Terminal Placement Program:

When you sign up with CardReads, we’ll put a brand new EMV & NFC ready terminal in your hand for next-to-nothing. Now you can accept EMV, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet NFC payments—on the latest and greatest credit card equipment available—without breaking the bank!

High Speed Credit Card Terminals

Ingenico iCT220DC

VeriFone VX520DC

VeriFone VX680 - Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Verifone Vx510DC

Credit Card Terminal

PAX S80 Terminal

Ingenico iWL255 - Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Discover why thousands of businesses trust CardReads

Is Your Merchant Point-of-Sale Equipment:


Europay, MasterCard, Visa


Near-Field Communication


Mobile Wallet Application


Mobile Payment System


Payment Card Industry Data Security

VISA Card Payment
EMV & NFC Terminal Placement
Apple Pay
EMV & NFC Terminal Placement
EMV & NFC Terminal Placement

Able to accept chip and PIN cards

Support card and mobile wallet sales using radio frequency “tap and go”

Able to support sales through Apple devices (i.e. Apple watch)

Able to support sales initiated by Google Wallet users

Able to support the most current Data Security Standards (DSS)

Take advantage of this amazing offer and get yours today!

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    Discover why thousands of businesses trust CardReads

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