CardReads partners with leading companies to offer our valued clients merchant funding programs* that are both flexible and affordable.


The Merchant Cash Advance Program is perfect for organizations that probably won’t need, or can’t fit for a traditional loan.

By establishing the funding amount you qualify for on the volume of your credit card or gross deals, the Merchant Cash Advance program enables us to change over your future card receivables into the prompt capital you require today!

Regardless of whether the assets are expected to extend, remodel, access to capital can enable your business to flourish, and the Merchant Cash Advance Program can be the source of that achievement.

Get fast and easy small business financing today!

Types of programs available:

Premium Merchant Cash Advance
Compared to the Starter Merchant Cash Advance, a Premium MCA program offers businesses the added benefit of lower cost per funding and longer payback terms.

Starter Merchant Cash Advance
As a Starter Advance, businesses with as little as three months credit card processing can receive funding. Once you are completely repaid, you may qualify for even more capital at even better terms.

Small Business Loans
For businesses with better credit and lengthier time in business, small business loans are available. The small business loan terms range between 1 and 5 years. Whether the funds are needed to expand, renovate, or simply to reduce debt, access to capital can empower your business to thrive.

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How The Merchant Cash Advance Program Can Benefit You:

More Capital

You may qualify for up to 85-250 % of your monthly credit card processing sales volume, and use the funds for virtually any business purpose.

Simple Automatic Repayments

Instead of fixed payments required by most traditional banks, repayments are linked to your business’s daily credit card sales. When sales are slow, payments are minimal and automatically applied until your balance is satisfied.

Dedicated Account Executive

An experienced Account Executive will be specifically assigned to your account to assist you throughout the financing process.

Need More. Get More.

Approximately 90% of our Merchant Cash Advance clients participate in the program more than once. In fact, the average customer renews about 10 times!

*Note: CardReads partners with leading finance providers to deliver a Merchant Funding Program. Please note that these merchant funding programs are not offered or sponsored through First National Bank of Omaha.

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