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Motivates your clients by giving your clients one more incentive to visit your store again.We offer customized gift card choices and a large variety of prepackaged gift.Extend your brand by our gift voucher program,while empowering repeat visit and higher foot activity.
Also we give  customers with the opportunity of branding your cards with your logo ,tagline,colors and giving your clients that moment store brand acknowledgment and motivation to return.
Gift Card Programs

Discover why thousands of businesses trust CardReads.

Online Reporting

Our gift voucher programs offers complete help both for single and multi-area organizations. 24/7 online service is available to track your transaction history to in-store advertising materials and signage for expanded visibility, you’ll get the help expected to convey a vigorous gift voucher program.

Balance inquires

Clients can simply trace their gift voucher online.


Online reporting

You can easily login and see your transaction history anywhere or anytime online


Multi-store solutions

Our gift card arrangement are simple to execute and maintain for one store or multiple locations.


Marketing materials

Different advertising materials are utilized to promote your gift programs

Gift Card Programs

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    Discover why thousands of businesses trust CardReads

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