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To provide your business with the best payment solutions available, to increase your profits, and provide service beyond your expectations

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Always do the right thing

We have a saying we use whenever we’re faced with a tough decision: “Let’s just do what’s right”!

It helps drive decisions—anywhere from giving a business a refund or giving a sales person a little extra help on a deal—is it what’s right? If not, then don’t do it. But if it is, and even if it stings a bit… do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Sometimes we’ve eaten fees that have come up, and we’ve passed through some as well, but most importantly it’s fair and balanced. Our clients, partners and team members have come to respect that.

Build long-term relationships

We truly care about understanding your business and your unique challenges and needs, which is why when you decided to join the CardReads family, we try to provide you with so much value you’ll choose to stay with us as long as you’re in business.



We believe your merchant account doesn’t need to be confusing, time consuming, or filled with hidden fees. Interchange Plus pricing is a truly transparent pricing model, making your account easier to understand.

And, while most processors intentionally over-complicate their statements, ours have been arranged to be one of the easiest to read in the industry; they couldn’t possibly be any simpler to read.

Plus, on the corporate side we hold weekly training meetings where we discuss new initiatives, what we’re working on, and have an open door policy to ensure the lines of communication always remain open.

Who we are and what we do

We give service beyond expectations, with the only goal – to develop your business with the best payment solutions.

We are a payment processing organization that helps all types of industries with distinctive payment handling needs. We concentrate on developing your business and creating long-lasting relations.

At CardReads we believe merchant account shouldn’t be complicated or loaded up with concealed fees. We strive to deliver whole transparency to our partners and customers. We are continuously making the best decisions to improve our industry.

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