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Check processing services mean you’ll never have to turn a customer away for wanting to pay by paper check. CardReads partners with leading check services providers to offer hassle-free protection against bad or fraudulent checks. Whether your establishment is Business to Consumer (B2C), or Business to Business (B2B), we offer a broad range of check services to suit your needs: ACH, Conversion, Verification, Guarantee, Checks by Telephone, Checks by Web, and Recurring Billing.

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Check Processing Products & Services

We have partnered with multiple check services providers to hep businesses like yours increase sales, while saving time, money and reducing risk associated with bad or fraudulent checks.

Electronic Check Conversion

Reduce paperwork, eliminate trips to the bank and benefit from faster funding. Our Electronic Check Transfer program (ECT) combines the benefits of paper checks with the speed, ease and safety of electronic processing. The check is converted to a paperless transaction by electronically moving funds from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s bank account.  Plus, businesses benefit from streamlined check acceptance.  After the sales clerk enters the customer’s information, in a matter of seconds, a national database is queried, which contains millions of records from both local and national negative files of unpaid checks. The database then sends back a response to either approve or decline the check.

Check Guarantee

Let us simplify your reimbursement process while you benefit from improved cash flows! As our leading program for check approval, the Check Guarantee option ensures that businesses are reimbursed for the face value of the check after the sale.  If authorized checks to do not clear, our partner check companies purchase them for the full amount, reimburse you, and initiate all collection efforts – while you focus on your core business – selling!

Recurring Payments

Need a way to accept payments from repeat customers? Recurring Payments enables businesses to process consumer check payments by automatically initiating a charge to a customer’s checking account each time a payment is due.  Your customers will enjoy the ease and convenience of not having to mail payments, while you benefit from regularly occurring cash flow and customer retention.

Checks by Phone

This service enables the electronic processing of checks via telephone using the consumer’s checking account information. From there, the consumer’s account information is verified in real time to create an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to debit the consumer’s checking account.

Checks by Web

With this service, you can facilitate the electronic processing of checks from Internet-initiated transactions using the consumer’s checking account information. The check writer simply enters their information from the face of their check into your website or cart. Our partners then verify the consumer and account information in real time and simultaneously create the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to debit the consumer’s checking account, and deposit the funds directly into  your merchant bank account.

Check Processing


Checks have been a favored payment method for many years. New technologies in check processing not only streamline check handling by reducing paperwork and trips to the bank, but can be very affordable for a store or business to put in place.

Offering customers a range of payment methods can facilitate sales and improve customer service. For example, services such as Multiple Check allow customers to extend their check payments over time, a flexibility not available with debit cards.

In most cases a merchant can approve checks on their current equipment without purchasing any additional equipment.

With a check service in place, merchants and business owners can approve checks on their existing P.O.S. terminal (with or without a check reader), over the phone, or via the Internet.

For electronic check processing, an imager is needed and can be connected to an existing PC for “desktop” deposit without requiring a trip to the bank.

Both check guarantee and check verification services help a business accept checks from their customers with less risk. When you use either service, check information is verified against the payment provider’s database which may look for a history of good or bad check writing or a combination of both. Depending on the provider, a variety of information and sometimes outside sources may be utilized.

With a verification service, a recommendation to accept the check, or not, is made to the merchant. Occasionally checks may be returned from the bank unpaid and it is up to the merchant to take action to retrieve their funds.

A guarantee service provides an additional level of protection. The payment provider agrees to reimburse the merchant for returned checks that were authorized under the warranty guidelines, up to a pre-set limit. Returned checks are sent to the provider as a claim for processing and reimbursement, usually within thirty days. A guarantee service is beneficial for businesses that do not have the means to collect on bad checks, or cannot afford to wait more than a short period of time for reimbursement. Guarantee services may also include options to guarantee stop payment checks or multiple checks. With an electronic check processing service that includes guarantee, claims and claims waiting times are often eliminated.

Both guarantee and verification services vary greatly from provider to provider. Please see the service agreement for warranty guidelines and details.

Electronic check processing, also known as check conversion, is a process in which a paper check is used to make a one-time electronic payment from a checking account.

Check information including the amount, check number, account number and routing number is sent to a check service provider and is converted into an electronic payment which is then deposited into the merchant’s account.

Electronic processing eliminates the need to physically take the check to the bank. Depending on the program, the original check is handed back to the check writer or stamped void and retained.

Customers paying by a check at a store or other place of business that electronically processes check payments must be given advanced notice.

They may be notified by a sign at the register informing them that their check will be electronically processed. The notice should also be included on the sales receipt. For checks that are mailed in for payment to a business, medical office or utility, the notice should appear in writing on the statement or be included with the invoice.

These notices are required by the federal laws that apply to electronic fund transfers, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, the Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation E.

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