Is your business ready to accept EMV payments?

Since 1993 EMV is using chip based master card payment system for authentication purpose . EMV card are utilized all around the world for reducing fraud card.It gives complete assurance against:
Fake and skimming – using cryptography
For every transaction there must be unique secure transaction

The technology used behind the card makes it impossible to replicate the card which reduces the risk of retrieving the fake cards.

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Update your credit card equipment to accept EMV

We are glad to enable your business to accept EMV credit and debit card transaction, that requires another EMV terminal.

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How Does EMV Work in Terminals?

    • Chips inserted in cards contain encoded information,that is retrieved by the reader in the terminal
    • Throughout the transaction,the terminal sends a code to the processor approving the card and the cardholder
    • EMV cards can be Contact or Contactless.
    • Contact: requires addition into the terminal.
    • Contactless: In this card is held close to the terminal or hybrid

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Discover why thousands of businesses trust CardReads

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